12 Try These Simple Tips, To Make Sex Amazing With Women over 50 Posted by: admin on 12th May 2017

You will probably want to know some of the sex positions that are ideal for sexually pleasuring sex with older women over 50. Here is a list of five sex positions that will help you sexually satisfy seniors or women/men over 50.

Things to consider before having penetrative sex with older women

One of the problems that older women faces while having sex is that their vagina is extremely dry. The majority of mature granny shags result in very painful sexual experience. So, if you want to really enjoy penetrative sex with older women then you should have use of a lot of water-based lubrication while having sex with the older women.

1. Take some time out for foreplay

In order to make sexual encounters a moment to remember, it is important to take out some time for foreplay. Foreplay can result in arousal of the older women. The more she is aroused, the more intense orgasm she will have during the sexual intercourse with her mature partner.

2. Kissing and massaging boobs while having sex

Most of the people while having sexual intercourse don’t bother to kiss their partners. Kissing and massaging boobs can really arouse her during the sexual encounters and results in her to have the really satisfying orgasm.

3. Consider having oral sex

As many older women complain of having extreme painful experience while having any kind of penetrative sex with their partners, so many experts recommend them to have oral sex such as the popular 69 in which both the mature partners are orally satisfied through their mouth and tongue.

4. Consider penetrative sex

* Girl on the top

Girl on the top, cowgirl or reversible cowgirl is one of the sex positions that are loved by the majority of women over 50.  In this sex position, older women can control the angle, speed and depth of the penetration. Deep penetration ensures utmost sexual intimacy and pleasure.  Men can add few pillows on his back, in order to provide sexual stimulation that result in intense orgasm when you shag a granny.

* Doggy sex position

This sex position is considered to be one of the best sex positions for attaining multiple orgasms.  When you shag a granny, your hands are free so you can manually stimulate her. Once you use this sex position on her, she will be so sexually satisfied that she will be gagging to come back for more sex.

* Spooning sex position

This sex position is considered by many experts as cuddling technique more than sexual positions. It is ideal for slow and long sexual encounters with mature women over 50.  This sex position is not ideal for beginners as it requires a lot of practice to get in right.

* Speed bump

As the name of this sex position suggests, this sex position is great for having sex with mature women over 50. This sex position ensures that sex is fast and passionate with mature women over 50. In addition to this, the angle mature men can work will really allow them to drill deep into her from behind.