19 Boost Your Sex Life in Older Age (over 50) by Following These Simple Dating Tips Posted by: admin on 19th May 2017

Irrespective of age, sex can be really enjoyable experience. It is important to understand that even though intimacy takes different forms and meanings. This blog discusses different ways in which sexual intimacy and pleasure can be enhanced while having sex with older women or granny.

Tips for attaining maximum sexual pleasure while having sex with women over 50

Sex in older age is associated with several benefits such as emboldened connections; increased life span, effective escapism and it maintain good health.  This part of the blog helps the readers to understand different tips that can enhance the sexual pleasure while you have intense sexual pleasure.

Redefine intimacy

As we grow old, it is more important to share and fulfill intimacy than sharing sexual pleasure.  If you want your older partners to be sexually satisfied then it is important to refine intimacy during sexual encounters. Sometimes mutual masturbation can be just as rewarding as a sexual session.


Sexual pleasure is all about figuring out what works for us right now and not about recreating sexual experience that couple has when they were in their 20s.  Many people experiment with their sex life, when they grow old or have met (fuck) someone who is really old.  The vagina of older women is usually dry during her arousal, so sometime the sex with older woman can be really painful experience for both the sex partners. So, it is advised to try stimulation with penetration before actually trying penetrative sex with your older partner.

Let it go

At her age, granny had being engaged in multiple sexual encounters with multiple partners. She has some pretty good and some very dark experience from their previous relationships.  It is important to let bad experience go and try to make sexual encounters with any string or baggage attached. You can learn from your mistakes in previous relationship and try to uses those tips to make a potential date who is more interested in becoming friend forever than a date who is only interested in having no string attached relationship with you.

Communicate with your partner

While having sex with granny, granny shagger is advised to keep an open line of communication with the granny as well as getting input of a doctor if he got any questions at all.  It is important to be playful and honest, when you are discussing sex with older women. Humor can open floodgates of conversion and take the pressure of what to many is a bit of an embarrassing subject.

Most menopausal women have noticed that their level of estrogen level has dropped significantly, which results in her producing less vaginal lubrication when aroused.

This means that you should make use of intense foreplay to prepared older women ready for sex, over 50.  In addition to this, age can also affect women physically as she get old. These changes can affect the sensations of intimacy.  So, it is important to make use of a lot of water based lubricant while having sex with local granny fuck buddy.