27 Here’s the stuff about granny dating that you should know Posted by: admin on 27th April 2017

So you may be asking that what the heck is granny dating all about? It’s actually a relationship—generally a casual one—that’s between younger men and older women. The females are usually 40 years old or above and the males may be in their early 30s or late 20s.

You’ll even find a few females dating a male who’s as young as their own kids. And that’s exactly why many peeps believe that such a relationship cannot work. This post, however, is dedicated for everyone who’s a true granny shagger wanting to know how they can make the most of such relationships.

This is how you can make a granny go weak at the knees

Granny dating—or, for that matter, any dating—happens only when there are two consenting adults. These adults have something to gain from this relationship, so you should be able to find that what a granny can gain from a relationship with you. There are many granny shags, so how will you be able to stand out? That’s the burning question, and that’s what we’re answering in this post.

You should have a sharp wit

All right, intelligence is something that every granny wants her bedmate to have. So if you’re intelligent, it’s half the battle. And even make sure that your sense of humour is pretty good so that you can woo the granny in the very first place.

Be a dapper

You should have a very neat appearance; that’s because for grannies, it’s often love at first sight. If you look stylish in the first appearance, you’ve won her heart. Now, your chances of having a successful relationship with her will squarely depend on the way you behave.

Confidence is the key

Grannies are confident, period! So if you want to feel pretty capable in dealing with the complexities of a granny’s life, then you should be confident. Your personality should have an air of self-assurance, and this is what will take your relationship or friendship or whatever you want to call it to the next level. And if you aren’t confident, then you should fake it. You know, fake it till you make it.

So this is where we’ll end this post. We hope to have given you enough fodder about what all you should be doing to woo a granny. If you’ve found this post useful, then please share it with others and spread this info. If you have your own set of time-honoured tips that’ll surely seduce a granny, then do share them with our readers through comments below.