20 Here’s how granny dating is different from cougar dating Posted by: admin on 20th April 2017

History has many examples of older women seeking the companionship of a younger lad. On the contrary, when the affair involves a younger female and an older male, the situation is known as “May-December” romance.

Nevertheless, in the past, there weren’t any monikers for describing a female who’s pursuing a younger man. But, now, things have certainly changed; any older female who’s in search of a younger bedmate is referred to as either a cougar or a granny.

Here’s everything about cougars

The origins

The word “cougar” was used for the first time in 2007 in Canada. Afterwards, from 2007 to 2009, this term started popping up in different Canadian and Brit television shows. Now, let’s get to know what does cougar actually mean?

Defining cougar

A cougar is any female who’s in her 40s or 30s and who seeks a male who’s in his 20s. Cougars just want a younger lover who can be with them through thick and thin. Earlier, people attached a societal stigma with a cougar; they believed that a cougar often brought shame to societies. Things, however, have changed for the better now.

How being a “cougar” is super-sexy now

Now, since the world has really sexualised, females are trying to retain their youthfulness by appearing in uber-sexy ways. And that’s the only one of the main things that has contributed to the rise of cougars. So if you’re a cougar, it’s your badge of honour today.

Cougars—the evolution

Now with the advancement of cosmetic surgery, it has become much simpler than ever to look young and sexy and stylish no matter what your age is. So even if you’re in your 50s, you needn’t worry about your crow’s feet and wrinkles anymore.

Since you can look like a jaw-dropping beauty even in your 50s, it’s easier for you to woo bedmates. That’s because lads are often interested in older females who’re sexy and experienced in the art of making love.

Here’s everything that anyone interested in granny dating should know

Grannies—the term gets finally explained with regard to dating

Unlike cougars, a granny is a much older female who’s interested in lads who’re as young as her own grandchildren. However, the term granny dating is slowly evolving; it has started to carve its own special niche in the dating world.

What do grannies like?

A simple survey tells us that generally a bedmate is pretty interested to be local granny fuck buddy. So if you too are interested in a female who’s age is above 40 years, then you actually want to shag a granny. For a granny, you’ll be an ideal candidate if you’re anywhere in your late 20s or early 30s.

So if you really wish to woo a granny, you should keep these tips in mind.

* Stop calling her “old.”
* Make love to her according to her needs and desires.
* Make her feel special every now and then.

This is the key difference between granny dating and cougar dating

So the only difference between cougar dating and granny dating can be of a particular mindset and of age. If you’re interested in someone who’s in her 30s, then you’re more inclined towards being with a cougar. However, if you want to fuck an oldster who’s touching a 50-year landmark, then you’re the man for grannies.