14 These tips will make you date a granny easily Posted by: admin on 14th September 2017

Dating an older woman is a totally different ball game, so if you’ve dated a girl of your age or younger than your age previously, then you have to change your game a bit. There are a few differences, both big and small, when it comes to dating a granny. And in this post, we’re giving you the low-down on how you could get laid with a local granny fuck buddy without breaking a sweat. Let’s go, lovers.

No existing relationships

Neither of you needs to be in a relationship all right because if that’s the case, then matters will get complicated. However, if you’re just in search of a quick fling, then existing relationships shouldn’t bother you.

Values will differ

Be loving, gentle, and kind. Ok, this is the same formula that you follow in every other relationship; however, in this association, you have to be extra cautious. That’s because a granny’s values will be way different from those of a younger lady. So if you think that you’ll party until the wee hours with a granny, then you’re absolutely mistaken. Plus, most importantly, sex will be important, but it won’t be her priority. So understand all these things despite being a granny shagger.

Be a man and not a boy

Older ladies are always interested in younger men and not boys. A granny will be usually least interested in lads who’re still wet behind their ears. So if you’re a matured man who’s very confident, then you’re all set to date a granny. However, young boys are mischievous and playful; they aren’t serious, and that’s exactly why they don’t earn a granny’s respect.

Outmatching an older dude shouldn’t be your priority

It’s often seen that when a man dates a granny, he’s just desperate to act like an old guy; he tries to be bossy, but that won’t work. While having a relationship with a granny, men tend to act like they have all the knowledge and wisdom in the world. If you’re one of such lads, then dating a granny will be just a dream for you. These old ladies take the pains to find a granny shagger, so give them that only. Now, If you’re innately domineering, then you should change yourself; because those who date grannies respect her and not boss around her.

You’ve just read the ultimate tips that’ll raise your granny-dating game. If, however, you have a few other similar tips that we may have skipped here, then share them through your comments below.