21 Top sex facts for women who’ve crossed 60 years of age Posted by: admin on 21st September 2017

So you’ve crossed the sixtieth milestone of your life, and you’ve thought of re-entering the dating landscape. Well, that’s totally amazing and inspiring but you have to be careful because you may not be able to deliver the best performance on the bed now. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make love at all.

You’ve aged both mentally and physically, so it’s a bit unfair to expect from yourself to make passionate love in the same way you did nearly three decades ago. But sex is still a big surety, dear. So celebrate your sex life and be one of the bold, mature granny shags out there. And as you celebrate, we’re giving you the top sex facts that every 60-year-old lady should read.

No age stops you from doing sex

Sex isn’t a bottle of milk that’ll go sour if it’s not consumed before its due date; in fact, you can assume that sex is similar to one of the finest wines which become better with time. There’s a big presumption that sex is the game for fitter, younger people, but that’s not the case. As per a study, 60-year-olds need and want more sex than what’s needed or wanted by other age groups.

Your definition of sex may change once you grow old

Ok, here’s the deal: when we’re young, sex can be athletic, fun, and explosive. However, sex can become completely different as we age. So if you are bedding a man younger than yourself, then you may find his approach a bit rougher and more energetic as compared with yours. But don’t worry because that’s natural; sex softens as and when our bodies age. So if you have a young partner, then do let him know that you don’t like the lovemaking when it’s done at a fast pace. He’ll understand and you’ll enjoy.

No quickies now

The time of fast sex, or a quickie, has long gone; now, you may find it difficult to get aroused and reach orgasms. Which is why, if you’re dating a young man, let him know about this very fact. Tell him that your arousal will take time, so he should try patiently.

You’ve just read the top three sex facts that every granny should know. Plus, if you’re an old-lady lover who wants to shag a granny, then this write-up should be read. That’s because these myths will let you know about a granny’s body and the way she may feel when you’ll make love to her.