07 That’s how you actually seduce a local granny fuck buddy Posted by: admin on 7th September 2017

An older woman wants a very stable relationship because maybe she’d seen a lot in her life. So you can expect her to speak her mind because she’s pretty confident about herself and about the world, too. And a granny fuck buddy may reach her sexual peak much after men have passed theirs.

That’s precisely when she starts searching for young, inexperienced males who can make local granny sex simply awesome. Now, that’s a powerful opportunity waiting for you—nevertheless, you have to be prepared for being part of this dirty game with a granny because she may be demanding on the bed. So here’s the real deal on how you can seduce a granny easily and quickly.

Show confidence

Grannies like men who’re very confident. So if you want to impress a GILF, you should be self-assured; this one quality will take you a long way in the game of granny dating. And even when you’re damn low in confidence but have to approach a granny, you should simply fake it until you bloody make it. Plus, when you start talking to an older female, you shouldn’t start the conversation by simply passing a sweet compliment. That’s because this compliment will make you sound like a small baby who wants a candy. So, rather, let your confidence do the talking.

Focus on her assets

In the last point, we told you that you needn’t drop compliments on a local granny fuck buddy as pigeons drop shit on your balcony’s railing. But you need to appreciate what you like about her. Is she funny? Do you like her sense of humour? If so, you should appreciate her about that. If she touches you while she’s talking to you, then you may reciprocate the gesture by touching on her back while you’re having a light-hearted confab. Is she seductive? If yes, then convey that her sexiness works for you.

Show your independence

Older ladies appreciate males who’re not dependent and needy. Clinginess works well for puppies, but it won’t work for you if you want to get laid with a granny. While you’re spending time with a granny fuck buddy, you should talk about the things that you want to do for fun; these things may include your favourite hobbies, favourite sports, or other things that you have done to develop your own character. If you keep jabbering about your family and your friends, then she may think that you haven’t spent even a single moment alone—and that may even turn her off.

Take her out

Ok, here’s the deal—you just can’t keep talking to her forever. Yeah, there has to be a break in your conversation because she might be getting late for another commitment or you may have to reach elsewhere. So it’s better to cut the confab by saying, “I’ve to reach somewhere, so do you like to continue this conversation over drinks or coffee?” If she agrees, then you should ask her for her number. And remember that you should always play it cool without making yourself look like a desperate young prick.

Now, you know the tips by which you can seriously impress an old, matured lady. If you have similar tips that we may not have covered here, then do share them through your comments below. Last, if you found this piece helpful, then share it with other granny shaggers out there.