17 That’s how you date a granny, friends Posted by: admin on 17th November 2016

Many are attracted towards an older woman. Whether she’s a celeb or a granny living next door, if she has a shapely figure, you’ll probably have the hots for her. So if you’re fantasising about a granny, you ought to register on a website that promotes granny dating. By doing so, you’ll make your fantasies come true.

Many men—younger and older—are attracted towards grannies. And the main reason for that attraction is one: These aged ladies show exemplary maturity on the bed. Their experience and mindset make them the finest bedmate for many.

However, dating a granny is easier said than done. There are a few rules that you should know before you step into the exciting world of granny dating. In this post, we’re giving you the complete scoop on dating a granny like a pro.

Never call her ‘old’

Nobody will like to hear their age or any discreet mention of it when they’re in the bed to make love. So if you think of calling her ‘old’, then it’s probably not the best decision of your life. These words, or gestures or behaviour will put her off quickly, so beware.

Never force her in the bed

While you’re having sex, you needn’t force her into anything—be it bondage or blowjob. If she wants to do anything of such sort, she’ll do it. But if you force her, then things might get worse and you might lose a seasoned bedmate.

Always respect her schedule

If she says she isn’t free today or tonight, then respect whatever she is saying. If, however, you’ll pick a fight with her on her busy schedule or unavailability whenever your loin yearns for her, then the relation won’t sustain for long.

So you’ve just read some of the finest dopes on dating/having sex with a granny. If you have your own tips of dating these beauties of past decades, then do share in the comment section below. Till then, ciao.