02 The mystery of charming an older woman gets unlocked, here Posted by: admin on 2nd February 2017

Older females, or cougars, are wiser, more confident, more mature and more experienced. So you, a teenaged boy, may think that attracting one will take all your energy and skills, right? Wrong. A no-brainer: Attracting a teenaged girl is simpler than wooing an older female. However, if you exude confidence and are emotionally self-dependent, you will improve your chances easily. So just follow these three killer tips to attract an older female in no time whatsoever. Let us dive in, now.

Confidence pays well these days, dear.

You should be confident all the time when you are with an older woman. Confidence is one of the top ingredients for you to have if you wish to attract an older female. It is fine that you are a teenager and that is why you have many questions from life, but you should not explore the answers to such questions when you are hanging out with a cougar for heaven’s sake. If you want to be a true granny shagger in London or elsewhere, you have to keep this thing in mind. Try showing your positive side, and act like you are way more mature than people of your age group.

Being assertive with a cougar is important.

If you want to be assertive, you should be confident and vice versa. Being assertive will mean that you are perfectly comfortable with yourself while knowing what all you want to do and to be all right with disclosing what you want. Assertiveness will pay you well when you take any of the mature fuck buddies in the UK to your bed. The prime quality of being assertive is you should never be unsure about your needs. Nevertheless, even if you are assertive and she is ok with this fact, you should try to respect her age and wisdom — never forget respecting the fact that she is older than you are.

Experience life as it comes

You are a teenager, and we understand that getting experience under your belt is easier said than done during this time. With experience, we do not mean that you should hook up with every other girl. Rather, you should have the knowledge on different topics; in short, you should have wisdom because when it comes to shooting the shit, you do not have any worries. That is, you should do whatever it takes to train your mind and your body to behave like those of a matured person.

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