15 3 Best Sex Position for Sex between Older Women and Young Men Posted by: admin on 15th December 2016

By adding variation to your sex life on different occasion will keep older women interested and excited to be having more pleasing sex with you. With age, backs and knees can get a bit creaky, so it is always recommended to make use of sex positions that will help you feel as comfortable as possible. Oral sex is also recommended, to ensure maximum pleasure and intensified orgasm between both the sex partners (old woman in her 50s and young men in his early 20s).

This post shares different exciting sex positions that leave older woman begging for more mature granny shags. Spooning sex positions, chair sex positions and back sex positions are three different sex positions that are recommended for older women interested in having right and safe sex with younger men.

Spooning sex position

It is well-known as the cuddle position among older women living in UK. This sex position is considered to a go-to-position for older women (granny) with sleeping disorders. Both the sex partners fall asleep after performing mature granny shags. Man (young sex partner) should cuddles up to the older women’ back, for ensuring maximum pleasure and deep penetration.

Young sex partner can penetrate her from behind or lift a leg and he can trust her from any angle for ensuring maximum clitoris stimulation. Apart from this, older women can press back against him, for ensuring maximum pleasure and intensified sexual experience.

This sexual position is ideal as doggy style but it has no pressure on the knees of really older women (grannies).

Chair sex position

Young man (sex partner) sits downs and the older women (granny) faces him in this sex position. She sits on the lap of their sex partner in this sex position. It is very important to note that in this sex position, you should only use only low enough to the ground that the women can touch the ground with her feet with her feet, for making herself steady during the hot, erotic and intensified sex.

Back sex position

With growing age, it is very difficult for older women to pull of sexual positions like doggy or cowgirl sex position (sex position that gives a lot of pressure on the knees and hips of the older women should be avoided). In such cases, doctors recommends to use back sex position where both the sexual partners stands with older women’s back facing her partner. She can easily rest her arms on furniture for balance and support when young men fuck her from behind.